Lay’s – Deep Ridged

May 1, 2013

Within only three weeks, from concept to finish,  Director Manuel Ferrari, the Ambassadors 3D, the Ambassadors VFX, and the Ambassadors Sound created and produced this fun spot for Lay’s and agency FHV/BBDO.

Starting from the initial idea by the agency the DnA team started exploring the character design while Manuel worked on the animatic of the film together with the 3D department. From that point the Ambassadors Sound department joined the team and created a fun and energetic sound track that complements the feel of the film perfectly.

This project plays on all the strengths of the Ambassadors team and showcases perfectly what we love to do, a fun project where we can work together with all our departments.

Agency: FHV/BBDO Client: Lay’s Production: The Ambassadors Director: Manuel Ferrari Design: The Ambassadors DnA 3D: The Ambassadors 3D VFX: The Ambassadors VFX Sound & Music: The Ambassadors Sound



Concept Art:




character01_clothing character01_shading2