MINI Auctions

November 13, 2013


This week sees the launch of our 60-second MINI Auctions film, supporting the brand’s new high profile campaign, created in association with our friends at Kingsday.

We were tasked with creating buzz around the new MINI campaign and website ( and engaging with a youthful, style-savvy target audience. Oh and just to make the project a little more ‘exciting’, we were working to quite a tight budget and turn-around (three weeks from brief to delivery).

Never afraid to rise to a challenge, we solved these potential problems with a simple, playful creative, and getting one person – our animation director Manuel Ferrari – to design, direct and animate the whole thing.

Kingsday and The Ambassadors created this promotional film fusing 2D and 3D animation techniques, such as kaleidoscopic MINI cars, Pop Art eyes and a disco-inspired neon clock. The campaign allows fans of the brand to bid for a new MINI at a lower price, over a five day period between 11th and 15th November.