About DnA

DnA (Design and Animation) is the creative heart of the Ambassadors.

It all started from the desire of the VFX team to be more involved in the creative
process and handle in-house animation production. Our goal is to offer our
experience in film making and art direction in order to create original concepts that
will always satisfy the client’s needs.

We have helped our clients with pitching ideas by designing concept frames, or
characters or sometimes by developing their own approach on the brief. We are
collaborating with external designers and artists and have produced award-winning
films for international brands. We also enjoy working hand in hand with creative
teams from agencies to write scripts, story-board and direct animated films and
deliver finished products thanks to the support of the other departments at the

Part of our strength is having the back-up of a whole post-production company, in
Sound, VFX, Edit and the latest addition of the Lab (our very own research and
development department). This is a major advantage we have as we can handle the
entirety of a project within the same building. It means faster response time and
also more cost effective scheduling.
Our DnA team has the experience and the know-how to handle high end projects in
any animation style. They all come from various backgrounds (graphic design,
traditional animation, CG graphics, compositing and motion graphics), learning the
tools of their trade in London, Warsaw, Paris and Amsterdam amongst some of the
biggest talents the industry has to offer. That diversity is our strength, it is what
gives us a very unique and fresh approach to any creative challenge. We can take
on any number of styles and techniques (from 3D Computer Animation to After-
Effects projects) and deliver to the highest standards of quality. Although creativity
is our trade, our experience allows us to pick the best suited techniques which
means we can manage any type of projects on any type of budgets.

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