February 13, 2013

Dutch agency …,Staat approached us to produce a film for the new Bugaboo Buffalo, the SUV of strollers. DnA director Manuel Ferrari imagined a journey accross a surreal landscape, constantly changing, as there are now no limit to where one can go with a stroller. Music composed by Sebastiaan Roestenburg at Ambassadors Sound and CG by Ambassadors VFX.


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Pitch Graveyard #04

January 19, 2013


I would like to welcome you to our Blog. I think it shows DnA the way we want you, the
viewer, the new client, the old client and the random person searching for genetic information to
see us.

We’re a dynamic creative studio at the heart of the Ambassadors. We seek collaboration with a
wide range of people for a wide range of ideas and animated projects. It is also my pleasure to
introduce my two talented colleagues, Adam Janeczek and Vincent Lammers. We’re very
different from one another, which makes for some interesting and original ideas, and some lively
arguments. If you would like to know us more please check our profiles in the “about” section or
simply pass by our offices for a coffee (or a glass of wine).

We approach projects as a team, bang our heads together until we know we have the best
solution for you. And those solutions are varied. From animation and art direction, concept and
character design to helping you with a pitch, and finding the best way for you to tell your story,
convey your message or market your product .

So if you’re an open minded, creative and fun individual, we want to work with you. And if
you’re a stubborn, dull and unpleasant character, then you better have a good project.

I hope you like what you see,

Manuel Ferrari
DnA Creative Director


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Pitch Graveyard #03

November 26, 2012

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Bonduelle: Boon Zoekt Jou

November 21, 2012

DnA director Manuel Ferrari designed, animated and directed the new Bonduelle campaign together with Dawn.

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A few weeks ago we received some great news. Two of our films have been selected for this years KLIK! Animation Festival. Manuel Ferrari’s abstract animated short film Blueberry and  Luis Vuitton Bagcharms, the beautiful film we created together with Part of a Bigger Plan director Christian Borstlap.

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This is where we play. The Playground is a place where we post Designs, Animations and Sketches that are not related to commercial work and only exists for the sake of making something.

First up is DnA Director Vincent Lammers with his Five Second Stories. An on going project, and collaboration with Joep Meijburg of The Ambassadors Sound.

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